“I had a Full Body Stretch Session and it was absolutely Amazing. She made my first body stretch experience a great one! Before we started she walked me through what she was going to do & gave me much needed information. Also Asked my comfort level every stretch as well. This was a great experience and will definitely be going twice a month. Will highly recommend!!!! Thank You!!!” - S.F.

“This experience was very different for me because coming in, I hadn’t known much about stretch therapy or her practice. She took me through a series of stretches where she placed her hands on me and moved me into those various positions. It was wonderful, as she opened different avenues of my body that had been neglected for years. Her level of knowledge in what she was doing for me, helped to relax tension in those areas as well. I would highly recommend using her services if it is your first time or if you have been stretched before.” -S.T.

“Divine Alignment offers an amazing experience every session!! Evan's warm and bubbly personality will make you feel at ease and comfortable during the entire session; While her soft, but firm touch and style will leave you relaxed, more flexible, and with improved mobility. I highly recommend her services to anyone!!” -R.H.